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How To Make The Best Of Your Bridal Hair Appointment

Weddings are meant to be a joyous time filled with love and laughter. So then why are they so stressful? All the moving parts, tiny details, and tons of people to communicate with. I’m here to help take some of that stress away by giving you tips to ensure you get the most out of your beauty appointments. I’m going to break this down into two posts, lets start with hair.

You’ve dreamed of this day… the dress, the flowers, the venue, but did you take the time to find the perfect hairstyle for you? There is so much that goes into the perfect hair style for your wedding day and most brides don’t realize it. Being originally based out of Las Vegas, I did A LOT of bridal hair without a trial. These women were usually flying in from across the country and even internationally for a romantic weekend, the last thing they wanted to do was slow down for a trial. I like to think this is what made me the stylist I am today. So here is my fool proof list to getting the maximum quality from your bridal hair appointment.

  1. Realistic Expectations

    Through out my career I’ve had to be the bad news bear too many times to count. I blame this on Pinterest. Brides see these amazing styled shoots online and fall head over heals. Lucious long locks or an updo with some serious volume but the bride had thin fine hair and nothing to add, like clip in extensions. The best way to avoid this is to send your inspo photos to your stylist in advance, have a consultation about the desired look, and have a trial done.

  2. Have Inspo Photos

    Okay so most people would probably say this as number 1 because it is so so so important that you are able to give your stylist a general idea of what you want. If you can’t find one photo that is exactly what you want..that’s fine! Have a couple and explain what you like about them. If you still can’t find anything that feels right… have some photos of what you don’t like. This helps avoid any confusion when describing what you do want.

  3. Prep Your Hair

    Based on your desired style and your hair type, your stylist will typically give you prep instructions. Please follow these, we give them for a reason. It not only helps us create the style but it helps the longevity of your style. One of my prep requirements is- clean dry hair that has not been flat ironed since the last washing. Its literally that simple.

  4. Avoid Drastic Cuts or Colors

    Again, weddings can be stressful and as women we tend to act out under stress. This usually includes crying, shoveling ice cream into our mouth holes…etc. But this can also include cutting bangs at 3 am because the inspo photos you are drawn to have bangs. Please don’t change your hair to match the hair in the photo of updos you’ve chosen. There are so many tips and tricks we have as stylists to fake it till we make it. The same goes for color.

  5. Communication is Key!!!

    Drumroll please…. I cannot stress this one enough!! We are stylists not mind readers! If something is not looking right, feeling right, or sitting right you need to tell us with your words! I cannot speak for all stylists, but when I complete a look I routinely, without skipping a beat, say “Let me know how you feel, if there is anything you want to fix or change do no hesitate to tell me. You cannot hurt my feelings.” And I’m going to be honest with y’all… I’ve had clients STILL not speak up! It is so heartbreaking to me. I spent so much time and emotion on your style, I want YOU to love it as much as I do. So please, communicate with your stylist, do not hold back in fear of being viewed as “picky” or “difficult”.


    Following these 5 tips will help ensure a smooth and effortless appointment during a time that can be full of chaos and stress, I promise 😉