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Wedding Veil or No Veil.. What’s right for your big day?

How to choose what accessory fits your style best

Veils, blushers, and clips.. oh my! 

Iowa Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Samantha Dixon Hello Darlin' Glam on location bridal hair and makeup des moines Rollins Mansion Iowa wedding venue
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Picture this- you’re relaxing on a week night after a long day, scrolling Pinterest trying to find the perfect hairstyle for your upcoming Iowa wedding. Then it hits you, you never thought about if wearing a veil is the right choice for you. Well not to worry,  I’m here to help make that decision a little bit easier. 

The tradition of wedding veils dates back to ancient times. Brides were wrapped from head to toe to represent the delivery of a modest and untouched maiden. It was also believed that a veil hid the bride away from evil spirits wanting to stand in the way of her happiness. They were typically out of fashion throughout the 17th & 18th centuries. Only returning to popularity after Queen Victoria’s wedding ensemble when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Today’s veils are typically just another accessory in defining a bride. 

Iowa wedding hair and makeup artist Samantha Dixon on location bridal hair and makeup des moines Rollins Mansion Iowa wedding venue

So how do you decide if it’s the right bridal accessories for your wedding hairstyle? 

To begin, I would suggest having an open mind, especially if you are undecided. Try a few on when trying on bridal gowns and then again at your fittings. It just might make all the difference between you being simply stunning in a white dress and you feeling like a bride ready to marry your best friend. There are so many options when it comes to veil types. 120” cathedral, birdcage, fingertip length, tiered, blusher, mantilla. The list feels endless, so it’s important to really consider all the options. 

Some other factors to consider when deciding if a wedding veil is right for you;

1. Your Wedding Theme

 Are you having a wedding true to traditional roots or are you wanting to buck tradition  and go modern / alternative?

2. Your Wedding Location

Where are you having your ceremony? If you are wanting to have moments of nuptial bliss on a beachfront property, you’ll need to consider the weather. High winds and humidity can not only cause troubles for the typical whimsical fabrics veils are made of, but instead of a cascading trail of delicate fabric and elegant beauty in photos.. you may just end up looking like a wind blown superhero with a cape. 

3. Your Dress

I definitely believe you should have your bridal gown picked out far before deciding on a veil. But often times a veil is a long time family heirloom passed down through generations and a dress must be chosen around the veil. Either way, it’s important to make sure the veil compliments your dress and doesn’t compete with it.  For example- if your dress is more detailed with beading and lace, opt for a simple tulle veil or maybe go for a jeweled hair clip or other accessory instead. 

4. Your Personality

At the end of the day, is a bridal veil really YOU? One of the biggest things I advocate for as an on location wedding hair and makeup artist, is staying true to yourself. It’s so easy to succumb to the pressures of what others want for you on your big day. The very last thing you want to have is regret that you made the wrong choice, especially when it comes to your bridal beauty decisions. 

If you still are undecided, chat with your hairstylist. If you have yet to choose your Iowa bridal hair and makeup artist, feel free to reach out using the contact form from the drop down menu. I’d love to chat more with you!

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