Should You Have Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Iowa Engagement Photo Session?

This decision will vary based on each individual/couple but I’ve compiled a list of some things to consider when deciding if hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is the right choice for your Iowa Engagement Photo Session.

Des Moines Iowa Engagement Photographer Iowa Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist
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Whether you have already began your wedding planning process or you are still riding the high of your recent engagement, one of the very first pre-nuptial events is going to be your Iowa engagement session. There are so many things to consider when planning your photo session. What photographer to hire? Do you go casual or dress up? Will you incorporate any wedding details? Are you going to use these photos for your save the dates?! Will you hire a hair & makeup artist?

Why You Should Consider Hiring Professional Hair & Makeup

Most couples use these photos on their save the dates. Ultimately to be on display in the homes of their closest friends and family. So why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best? These photos are the beginning of a joyous new journey, your appearance should reflect that.

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist has so many benefits! You get to know & trust someone prior to hiring them for your wedding day. It’s a great way to figure out if you vibe with a vendor without the added stress of hoping everything turns out before you say I DO. Not to mention, it helps open the communication barrier, leaving you feeling more comfortable to voice your opinion to your artist.

What If You’re Having a Casual Session?

Even if you are having a laid back, casual engagement photo session in Downtown Des Moines, most brides are surprised to find how natural makeup can look in photos. This is ultimately a personal choice, but just doing that little extra bit can really elevate your photos!

Most makeup artists know what works best on camera, ensuring you are perfected, polished, and camera ready. Additionally, it helps the photographers in post production editing!

Des Moines Iowa Engagement Photographer Iowa Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist
Photo Courtesy MorganMoon Photography

and if you needed one more reason…

Lastly, YOU ARE WORTH IT! Treat yourself to a pampering session to help boost your confidence and glow. Your wedding planning journey will go by so quick, it is so easy to become overwhelmed in to-do & task lists! You deserve to enjoy and soak in all of the fun stuff too!

If you’ve read this far and you are still undecided, I would love to chat! No strings attached, reach out to me HERE and let’s discuss the best options for your Iowa Engagement Photo Session!

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