2022 Wedding Season Review

2022 Wedding Season Review

A look back at our most successful wedding season & business year yet!

Central Iowa Wedding Party Celebrating in Boone Iowa Des Moines Hair And Makeup. Traveling Makeup Artist Traveling Hairstylist Bridal Hair and Makeup.
Our October Bride Griffin at 1868 Farmhouse. Photography: Lex Ober Photography

New year, new us! At the end of each year we want to write a blog that recaps the good, the okay, and the amazing highlights of our Iowa wedding season!

Hello Darlin’ Glam team did an incredible job with my bridal hair and bridesmaids! Due to how far away we all lived from their stylists, we were unable to book a preview to practice the wedding day hair and makeup but this did not stop them from nailing everything I wanted. Thank you for being so flexible and collaborative with all of our different braided hairstyles!

Griffin N.

Thank you to every single bride, marrier, and wedding party who trusted our talents & experience to ensure your dream beauty vision became a reality. We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of your kind words & positive reviews.

2022 was a huge year for Hello Darlin’ Glam –  not only for our team, but for the army of talented artists who build their businesses with us. Thank you for making our favorite moments from this year possible, and for being a part of this incredible community.

Beginning of the Year & Spring Season

While the year was off to a slow start, we spent that time updating our online presence. Company photos & a dinner outing brought us together as a whole for the first real time. Our photos took place in Grinnell with none other than Jen Weinman. We had such a great time hyping each other up for each headshot & then gathering around & squishing in close for our group shots. We followed up with dinner in Downtown Des Moines at Americana (if you haven’t been you are seriously missing out! Make it your next date night spot!) I truly enjoyed spending some outside quality time with each artist & chatting about our personal lives.

You can learn more about all of our featured artists HERE.

We technically started our season in January. Bride Fatih & her groom Robert at the beautiful 1868 Farmhouse, as seen in the image on the right courtesy of Benjamin Gruwell Photography. However, between Jan. 8th & March 26th, we only went on to serve 8 weddings. Which is kind of crazy to think when we ultimately finished off our season with 147!

During this period of free time, we made sure to schedule plenty of training sessions & one on one time with individual artists in preparation of what was to come.

Between March & July we were blessed to be a part of 51 more special dates. These was such a crucial time for us. The first real busy season as a full team, learning what kinks we needed to work out & how we could continue to provide the best experience for our guests.

Iowa Bride & Groom. Iowa Wedding portrait. Boone Iowa Wedding Venue. Hair and Makeup Hello Darlin' Glam

Spring Recap!

Growing The Team of Wedding Beauty Specialists

By the Summer Wedding Season, we had added 3 new Featured Artists. Hairstylist Melissa, Makeup artist Katelyn, & Hairstylist Jen. Each bringing something new & unique to our team.

Melissa is a full time stylist at her studio suite Salon Tu in Johnston & a friend of our makeup guru Brianna! She quickly became a bride favorite & has truly been a joy to have. Jen is also a full time stylist in Cedar Rapids but loves spending weekends with wedding parties in Des Moines. Fun fact: her husband & family own a cow farm… be on the look out for a group outing Spring 2023 LOL. Makeup Artist Katelyn was a no brainer addition. I had the pleasure of working along side Katelyn in a previous wedding season when she was the makeup artist but also a bridesmaid, I enjoyed her personality as well as her talent so earlier in 2022 when I saw her advertising to take weddings on her own, of course I had to slide in her DM’s.

I am beyond happy with the growth of Hello Darlin’ Glam. We all continue to compliment one another so well & in a weird way I feel like each of the girls are just little pieces of all my interests/ personalities and together we just make one super fun, talented, passion driven team.

Summer Wedding Season

Iowa Bride & Groom. Iowa Wedding portrait. Hair and Makeup Hello Darlin' Glam

From July- September we were a part of 44 additional weddings! For those of you keeping track… that means by September we had hit 103 parties!! We saw an influx of puppers being witness to their Pawrent’s special day. Look how cute Bride Emma & Groom Nick are with their little babies! Photo Courtesy Everlasting Photo IA. Seriously, give us all the pets. We are a team full of suckers for a good pet moment.

The summer also brought on the addition of our new sister company, The Evermore! In August I finalized the lease on a studio in the Historic East Village in Downtown Des Moines, IA. The Evermore’s main purpose is to serve as a high end suite for brides & marriers to rent on their wedding mornings for getting ready. Whether your beauty team is the HDG crew or someone else, we wanted to provide an alternative to hotel rooms that are typically limited in the things you really need on wedding mornings like lighting, mirrors, and most of all SPACE!

The Evermore is a multipurpose space and ultimately will go on to host Photographers, Wedding Vendors & more! We hope to host continuing education & fun event nights as we continue to put the final touched before our grand opening (coming soon so make sure to follow along on socials like IG )

Summer Recap!

Fall/ Winter Wedding Season & How We Finished Out The Year

We finished out our season with our final 46 weddings from October – New Years Eve. Sometime in there we added our new virtual assistant & beauty coordinator, Jess. Many of you may know her as owner of Cheers! Events or from her time as a coordinator with MU, or as your custom spray tan artist with Bronze 515. She wears many different hats throughout the wedding industry which is what made her a perfect fit for our team. Jess has been an absolute blessing in this last quarter. Because of her, I have been able to focus more on opening The Evermore & have peace of mind knowing every single correspondence with Hello Darlin’ Glam guests is being handled in a timely & professional manner. Legit, MVP of 2022.

Jess Erickson Beauty Coordinator Hello Darlin' Glam Virtual Assistant

And as I continue to reflect on the incredible season we had, I can’t help but start to tear up. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my background, I never intended in my ENTIRE LIFE to run a beauty agency, I wanted to be a diesel mechanic!! My parents put me through Cosmetology school after dropping out of high school. I was quoted throughout my career to often say “I’m never going to run my own, I enjoy showing up and doing great hair and makeup and simply going home.” It’s funny how life changes. Wedding beauty & coordination is truly what I believe I was put on this earth to do. I have never been more obsessed with something in my life… well except obviously my family & wannabe domestic farm, LOL.

Fall/ Winter Recap!

I wish I could fit every gallery in this post. The connection I have made with each and everyone single Bride/ Marrier & their friends & family are truly more than I could have ever asked for. Because all of you have trusted me & my team with ensuring your dream wedding day beauty look becomes a reality, I am living a life filled with passion, love, and laughs. I could truly never thank any of you enough. So here is to 2023 & beyond. Thank you for following along our journey & making it such a memorable one. Be sure to add our email address to your contacts list & never miss a blog or newsletter. We have lots of exciting things to come….

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