Meet The Team: Iowa Bridal Hairstylist, Arianna

To our readers- In 2024 we are working hard to build genuine connections between our hairstylist s/ makeup artists & brides. Part of this is showcasing the artists that make us so easy to love. Please enjoy reading about our amazing team & thank you for the unwavering support.


Iowa Bridal Hairstylist Arianna Photographed by Imagery Co by Steph Ann

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started as a Wedding hairstylist?

Hello there! I’m Arianna Kane, your go-to hair guru at Hello Darlin Glam. My life’s been a whirlwind adventure – I’ve marched in military boots and now I stand by my spouse who’s still enlisted. My travels have taken me from coast to coast, but one thing’s been a steadfast companion: my passion for crafting stunning hairdos.
After tossing my graduation cap, I darted to cosmetology school in Virginia. There, I spent six transformative months honing my skills. But I was hungry for more – I wanted to weave my way through a tapestry of hair types from different cultures. With my nomadic lifestyle, I was determined to be the artist that could bring beauty to every head of hair I encountered. License in hand as of June 2010, I embarked on a life twined with love, both personal and professional. Salon life was my first stop, but it was the snip and style – not the color palette – that truly captured my heart, with wedding hairstyles being my pièce de

What inspired you to specialize in bridal hair?
Hair has been my canvas since I could wield a comb, from the humble beginnings on my childhood porch to the glamour of high school dances.
Fast forward to October 2021, when the stars aligned and I found my place at Hello Darlin Glam. Here, every day is an opportunity to refine my craft and perfect the art of the bridal coiffure.

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Expertise and Style

How would you describe your signature style when it comes to bridal hair?
My hands dance best to the rhythm of timeless elegance – think of the swoops and curls of Hollywood waves or the understated sophistication of various low bun styles. But don’t be fooled – I’m no one-trick pony; I can twist and twirl your hair into any style your heart desires.

Can you share some of the latest trends in wedding hair that you incorporate into your work?
Once upon a time, I rode the wave of boho-chic, with tousled braids and carefree cascades. Now, the tide has turned, and there’s a renaissance of refined, structured sophistication sweeping the bridal scene, and I’m here for it, infusing these fresh trends into every stroke of my comb.

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna
Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Process and Preparation as a Hairstylist

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Walk us through your typical process when working with a bride. How do you plan and prepare for the big day?
Let’s kick things off with a hair rendezvous – the all-important trial session. It’s our chance to mingle, to
tangle with different looks, and to ensure we’re the perfect match. If our hair chemistry isn’t quite right, no worries! Our team is a treasure trove of talent, and finding your fairy-god-stylist is our top priority. Your happiness is ours, so speak freely – we’re all ears and combs.

When your wedding day dawns, arrive with your tresses clean and bare – unless we’ve cooked up a special product plan during the trial. For those of you with curls dreaming of sleek chic, pre-game with a blow-dry as straight as you can for a head start. We’re set to make your hair dreams a reality!

How do you ensure that the bride’s vision aligns with the final hairstyle?
Let’s rewind to the trial day, our magical crystal ball session where honesty is the best policy, and every wish is noted, ready to be granted on the big day!

Challenges and Solutions

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

What are some common challenges you face when doing wedding hair, and how do you
overcome them?

The biggest game of Truth or Dare happens here – daring clients to speak their truth! I promise, my feelings are tougher than the strongest hairspray – spill your thoughts, and let’s craft that crown of confidence together.

Can you share a memorable experience where you successfully tackled a last-minute hair issue on a wedding day?
Ah, the thrill of the style pivot! If a hairdo’s not in the cards, I’m quick to shuffle the deck and deal out a new look that’s sure to win. Second options are my secret weapon.

Favorite Products and Brands

What are some of your must-have hair products for creating a long-lasting bridal look?
For my desert-dry darlings, I prescribe Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, topped off with a weekly coconut oil spa day for your scalp. To my oil-slick lovelies, Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is your new BFF – but keep that conditioner at arm’s length, only cozying up to your ends. Tangles? Fear not, Kenra Pearl Detangler or Paul Mitchell Detangler spray will be your fairy-godmother. And let’s talk texture – spray wax for the frizz fuss, and for curls that cling all night, a non-aerosol hairspray brushed through before curling is your secret spell, sealed with the mighty Got To Be glued or Schwarzkopf Osis + Freeze for an unbreakable charm.

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Are there specific brands you prefer as a bridal hairstylist, and why?
I’m a mixologist of magic brands, each elixir chosen for its own unique power to conjure up the perfect bridal look. Here’s my potion kit essentials: Chi’s cloak of heat protection, Osis+ Dust It for that matte mystique, Paul Mitchell’s gentle whisper of a hairspray, Schwarzkopf’s medium hold for just the right grip, and Got to be Glued for when you need that unyielding spell of hold. Don’t forget the TIGI Wax Stick for sculpting perfection.

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Client Relationships

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

How do you build a strong rapport with your bridal clients to understand their preferences and expectations?
Our trial is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship – live with your style for a day, jot down your love notes and any ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ thoughts, and my inbox is all yours. It’s not just about hair – let’s swap life stories and find our common strands.

What advice do you give brides regarding haircare leading up to their wedding day as a hairstylist?
Got beauty dilemmas? Don’t fret, our stylist squad is ready to dish out personalized potions and spells for
your pre-wedding beauty regimen.

A Hairstylist ‘s Memorable Moments

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Share a particularly memorable or touching moment from your experience as a wedding

The mother of all emotions often comes from, well, mothers! Their hugs and beaming smiles are the real rewards of this gig.

Another, for example, the January 2024 bride braving a snowstorm. I battled the blizzard, arriving early to melt away any frosty fears – a promise kept is the ultimate warm fuzzy.

Is there a specific wedding or client that stands out in your mind?
There was this one squad, all decked out in Justin Bieber tees – we had a blast to the Biebs, shared laughs, and made memories. Or that epic road trip to Iowa City with my fellow artists, where the laughter was as endless as the hairstyles were flawless.

Industry Insights

How do you stay updated on the latest beauty and wedding industry trends?
I’m always on the beauty beat, scouting the most coveted wedding hairstyles and soaking up every hair tutorial I can get my hands on – staying sharp, staying stylish.

Are there emerging trends in bridal hair that you predict will become popular shortly?
The crystal ball says: sleek, chic, and utterly classic. Think Audrey Hepburn meets modern muse – the buns and curls are making their grand comeback.

Iowa Bridal Hairstyle by Hello Darlin' Glam Artist Arianna

Professional Development

Hello Darlin' Glam Hairstylist team On location bridal beauty

What steps do you take to continually improve and evolve as a hairstylist?
I’m a video vixen of the tutorial type, always practicing on anyone willing to be my muse – from neighbors to my very own daughter.

Have you attended any notable workshops or courses to enhance your skills?
Not yet, but the quest for knowledge never rests.

Advice for any Aspiring Hairstylist

Hello Darlin' Glam Iowa Bridal Beauty On Location Artist Arianna

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a successful wedding hairstylist?

Perfection is a journey, not a destination. So, if at first, the updo unravels, keep twirling those tresses. Dabble in different training styles, immerse yourself in product lore, and soon enough, your signature styles will have brides flocking to your chair.

Are there any pitfalls or challenges that you wish you had known when you started your career?
If I could turn back time, I’d tell newbies to ease up on the self-critique. Sam provided personal training as well as online education, all of that, coupled with an open heart for feedback, was my ladder out of the doubt pit. And guess what? It turns out, styling isn’t just a fling for me – it’s the one true love.